Commercial Lockbox Services

NorthStar Bank provides an efficient, safe and cost effective method for you to receive, deposit and post payment receipts for low to high volume remittance accounts. Transactions ranging from check only (typical business-to-business payments) and full page documents (letters, bills & invoices) to fully encoded payment coupons
(such as loan payments, rental stubs and utility bills) are now automated, eliminating manual "hand key" data entry or photocopying of checks. The captured data and images are then available online for reporting, research, and accounts receivable data file upload.

Can Payment Processing Services Work For You?

  • Do you send out 25 - 20,000 invoices per month?
  • Do you like the idea of having faster credit of deposits to Accounts Receivable?
  • Do you want to be able to view your posted transactions via secure Website?
  • Does reducing the processing of your receivables from hours to minutes appeal to you?

If one or more of the above applies to you, contact us to discuss how Automated Payment Processing can improve your bottom line.

Medical Lockbox Services

NorthStar Bank's new healthcare lockbox remittance automation solution will improve the efficiency of your practice by providing:

  • Reduced cost & increased revenue
  • Automated posting of 100% of remittances
    • Paper (EOB)
    • Electronic (ERA)
    • Patient Payments                                     
  • Current data on denial and volume trending
  • Indexed images and data stored for quick online access

For more information, contact one of your local banking experts today at (813) 549-5000.



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