Great products, unparalleled customer service and financial stability are just a few reasons why people are switching to NorthStar. And since you’d rather spend your valuable time running your business than dealing with paperwork, we make switching to NorthStar a smooth, effortless three-step process.

Step 1: Open a NorthStar Bank Account

  • Explore our depository services before deciding which account you are going to open.
  • Need help? Contact one of our local banking experts today by visiting a branch or calling 813.549.5000.
  • Make a deposit into your new account and be sure you receive your new debit card. Once this is done, enroll in our online banking services.

Step 2: Switch Direct Deposit(s), Automatic Transaction(s) & Bill Payees

Tip 1: Begin having any payments directed toward your new account; make sure you time this so that money is going into your account before any payments are taken out.

Tip 2: Keep enough money in your old account to cover bills just in case. You should also set up an electronic link between your accounts so you can move money easily to cover your bill payments using the new account. Look back at an entire year worth of statements to be sure you have covered all expenses.

Step 3: Close your Account(s) with your Previous Financial Institution

Once you have taken care of all direct deposits, payments and automatic withdrawals, take money out in cash for smaller amounts, or with a cashier's check for larger amounts.

Tip 3: Once these steps are complete give your old institution a call to verify that they received the form and you will be closing the account.

That’s all it takes. Then you can relax and enjoy the benefits of switching up to NorthStar Bank.