Online Banking

Our robust online banking system can be accessed 24/7 through your computer’s internet connection. It’s easy, secure and totally free to use.

Other benefits of NorthStar Net Online Banking:

  • Free online bill pay
  • Track multiple accounts
  • Link to Account Alerts
  • Internal and external account transfers

Mobile Banking

Our integrated mobile banking solution is a free, simple personal banking service that allows you to view account balances and transactions, pay bills, make deposits, view alerts, and transfer funds.

  • Download the app for FREE
  • Pay bills directly from your smartphone after enrolling in online bill pay
  • Transfer funds between NorthStar Bank accounts
  • It’s just as safe and secure as online banking

How to get started:

  1. You must be a current NorthStar Online Banking client.
    If not, email
  2. Download the NorthStar Mobile App
    You will need to download the FREE NorthStar Mobile App from your smartphone

    Available on the Apple App Store
    Available in Google Play Store
  3. Log in to the App
    Once download is complete, use your online banking ID and password to log in and then agree to the terms and conditions.

You must have one of the following Certified Mobile Devices:

  • Apple iPhone or iPad (second generation or higher)
  • Android phone

Qualifying Conditions in NorthStar Online Banking:

  • If an Individual, you must be at least 18 years or older
  • Business entities must be in good standing in the State of incorporation.
  • Subject to credit approval

Additional Services with Mobile Banking:

  • Enroll in Remote Deposit Anywhere to be able to take a picture of your check and deposit it directly into your account anywhere, anytime. To enroll, contact your relationship manager today or email (please allow up to 24-48 hours and see qualifying conditions above).
  • Enroll in Online Bill Pay to have the ability to pay bills on-the-go. Note: You must set-up Payees and Accounts in Online Banking (via any web browser) before you can pay anyone via smartphone.

Mobile Deposit Tips:

Please endorse the back of your check properly. Sign the check and write “For Deposit Only”. Improper endorsement may cause your check to be rejected.

Photo Tips:

Use good lighting and a dark background. Be sure to fit the check entirely inside the frame within app.

Direct Connect QuickBooks®

NorthStar Direct Connect with QuickBooks® allows clients to upload their commercial banking accounts and financial information into one easy to use program and automatically reconcile transactions. You can also schedule online bill payments (Mac & Windows versions 2012-2015 supported).

Business MasterCard Credit Card

Finally, a credit card designed to complement the way you do business. Platinum Business Credit Cards offer exclusive savings and superior customer support. Best of all, you can earn CASH BACK or REWARD POINTS every month simply by using your Platinum Payback or Platinum Preferred Card.

Sweep Accounts

At the end of each business day, excess funds above the specified balance in a client’s checking account get automatically transferred into an interest bearing account in order to earn more on that money. If a client’s balance falls below a specified amount in the checking account, the money will get deposited back into that account.

This is a great way for you to effortlessly earn more money on those smaller amounts your business allocates toward operating expenses.

Zero Balance Accounts

A zero balance account allows clients to link a primary account to a secondary account. You can then write checks drawn on the secondary account so that funds are transferred from the master account to fund the transaction. At the end of each business day, the balance always gets brought back to zero. If there are still funds in the account at the end of business day, they are automatically transferred back into the primary account. What better way for your business to save money than by consolidating cash to fund business transactions with NorthStar’s zero balance accounts.

Positive Pay

Fight check fraud with NorthStar Bank’s Positive Pay Service. We are committed to doing anything we can to protect you and your customers. With Positive Pay, we verify the amount and check number for any checks you present for payment. If we have a check that fails to match what has been issued, there will be a notification sent directly to you. Once you review all exceptions, simply enter a decision via online banking on whether to return the item or pay it.

CD-Rom Imaging

CD-Rom check imaging helps clients eliminate the need to physically store paper checks, and dramatically reduces check research to just seconds by offering quick and convenient electronic access to paid check information. Clients receive a monthly encrypted CD that also includes a PDF image of their account bank statement.

ACH Block

This service allows companies to notify their banks that ACH debits should not be allowed on certain accounts. With a block in place, no ACH debit will be able to get through on a given account.